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pixi* Software GmbH is an internationally operating software company headquartered in Munich. The pixi* merchant management system automates as far as possible all standardised business processes and, by means of intelligent picking procedures, helps to optimise transit times in the warehouse, reduce storage quantities and make optimal use of storage capacities. pixi* manages all the logistic processes behind the online shop - from goods receipt through to shipping.


When selecting a payment method, the buyer chooses Barzahlen. As a rule, he is then taken to the order overview, enabling him to review his purchase. On completion of the order the customer receives a PDF document with a barcode. This is the payment slip. With a print-out of the payment slip the customer can pay at the nearest Barzahlen partner store. In addition, the customer receives the payment slip by email. If the customer does not possess a printer, he can also have the barcode sent to his mobile phone in the form of an SMS. When paying, he then states the sequence of numbers in the SMS. For detailed information about the process, go here.


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