The shop system was developed initially under the name The Exchange Project within the framework of a study in 2000, before its name was changed to osCommerce in the following year. The system, whose further development has continued up to this day, forms the basis for numerous shop systems. The web-based configuration enables the system to be adapted for every purpose.


When selecting a payment method, the buyer chooses Barzahlen. As a rule, he is then taken to the order overview, enabling him to review his purchase. On completion of the order the customer receives a PDF document with a barcode. This is the payment slip. With a print-out of the payment slip the customer can pay at the nearest Barzahlen partner store. In addition, the customer receives the payment slip by email. If the customer does not possess a printer, he can also have the barcode sent to his mobile phone in the form of an SMS. When paying, he then states the sequence of numbers in the SMS. For detailed information about the process, go here.

Links / Downloads

Barzahlen osCommerce Plugin v1.2.1 - Download from Github
User Manual - Barzahlen osCommerce Plugin v1.2.1

Supported Versions

OS v2.3.1 OS v2.3.2 OS v2.3.3
OS v2.3.4


- Notifications
- Sandbox

System Requirements

- PHP 5.1.2+
- MySQL 5.0.2+
- cURL