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Up to what amount can Barzahlen be used?

Barzahlen can be used up to a payment amount of EUR 999.99 per transaction.

How can I integrate Barzahlen?

Barzahlen can be integrated directly vía the API. You can find the API documentation at We also offer plugins for many common shop systems.

When are fees for payments or disbursements due?

Transaction fees are only due when the payment slip is turned in by the customer - that is, upon payment in a shop. In contrast to received payments, for disbursements the fees are charged immediately.

How are the processed transactions billed?

Billing occurs weekly on Mondays for the previous week and includes all transactions paid in this period and all initiated return transactions. Besides a compact statement of account in PDF format you receive a detailed list of all billed items in CSV format. You can find examples of these in the download area.

When do I get notified about a payment?

Should the customer turn in and pay his payment slip at a store of one of our retail partners, you receive the information that the payment has been received. The notification occurs via HTTP Push.

How much time do my customers have to turn in their payment slip?

The validity period of the payment slip (i.e. the period within which the customer can effect payment via the retail partner and the partner bank to you upon presentation of the payment slip) is agreed separately between the parties to this contract. The standardised period is fourteen calendar days.

How does the customer find out where the nearest receiving offices are located?

To find the nearest receiving office, the customer has several options. The first option is provided by the Barzahen app (iOS and Android) with the integrated store finder, the second option is the store finder search on our homepage, and the third option is the payment slip itself. If the invoicing address of the customer is known, the 3 retail partners located in his immediate vicinity are shown on the payment slip.

Where is text messaging available?

After the customer in the online shop has arrived with his order at the checkout, he is able to have a payment slip sent simply via text message (as an alternative to email) to his mobile phone. This works with all mobile phone models. Your barcode is then entered at the checkout of the Barzahlen partner retail store. A link to generate the text message can also be found in the confirmation email sent to the customer by Barzahlen.

Can the online merchant resend the payment slip to the customer if the latter misplaces or has not received the payment slip?

The online shop owner can initiate this via the merchant area or (if programmed) the online shop module. Alternatively, the customer can contact Barzahlen directly via

What do I do after the payment slip expires?

You do not need to do anything more after the payment slip expires. The buyer is informed on the payment slip about the period of validity.

What happens if an order is cancelled by the customer?

The online merchant should cancel the transaction and the payment slip in the merchant area. The customer or buyer of the goods automatically receives an email generated by the system, with the information that the transaction has been cancelled.

How does a return work?

If a customer wants to return a purchased product, he sends the goods as usual to the return address supplied by the online shop. As soon as the goods have been received and checked by the merchant, he initiates a refund in the merchant area. This results in the sending of a disbursement slip to the customer by email. With this disbursement slip the customer can then have the purchase price paid out to him at all Barzahlen partner stores.

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